Experience the magic of music!

Magic Note Studio offers expertise in wide range of music genres like Indian, Western, New Age Music, and Dance Music. Our projects vary into various categories.


Magic Note Studio specializes in ballet recordings and has produced over 50 ballets.


Whatever the genre of your music albums, instrumental, classical, spiritual, or fusion, we offer integrated music solutions. Our engineers and producers are specialized in all styles and genres.

Movies & short Films

Apart from the ballet and albums we have also recorded for the Marathi movies and short films. We take pride in the success of Nati song that was sung by Bollywood Nightingale – Asha Bhosale and Bollywood honourable singer-Javed Ali. listen here 

Corporate Jingles

In the world of advertising, Jingles are a time honoured tradition. We offer world-class music composition, arrangement, and voice overs for corporate jingles within your time-lines and budget.

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