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About The Studio

Experience the magic of music at Magic Note Studio!

Magic Note recording studio was established in December 2010 by Amod Kulkarni. Within a short span of time, Magic Note achieved tremendous success in the music industry. Magic Note is your one stop shop for quality recording, editing, mixing, mastering, voice overs, music composing, programming and arranging.

With its clientele based in Pune, other parts of Maharashtra, U.S.A., Canada, U.K., and Australia. Magic Note takes pride in anticipating and exceeding clients’ needs with professionalism and discretion. To know more about clients, read more (link to client section).

Magic Note Studio provides the finest client amenities s and a comfortable environment that fosters creativity. Magic Note Studio is designed to perfectly suit your requirements. It is a perfect balance of art and function. The polished wood design provides an ideal setting for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Inside the room, you will find well-equipped hardware, and software that conforms to the latest trends. Click here to take a tour of our facility. (provide cross-ref link to Facilities section).

Our friendly sound engineer and composer is experienced enough to understand your requirements and provide suggestions that can enhance your creativity to get an output of top quality even in a short time span.

Whether you’re an international recording artist signed to a major label, or a local artist just getting started, Magic Note studio offers superior recording services that allow the creativity of the artist to flow freely. We make the recording process extremely enjoyable and highly productive, all in a creative and comfortable environment.

The Man Behind

Amod Kulkarni

Amod Kulkarni is an artist who has donned many hats. 

Studio Owner, Musician, Sound Engineer, and Producer, Amod Kulkarni has an experience in the music and recording industry that spans over 15 years. For Amod, music is passion, and he firmly believes that music brings positive energy in life. You can say that Amod grew up in recording studios, by his participation in varied activities, be it arranging or programming music for various films, albums, and corporate jingles, or editing and recording of plays and performances of various theatre groups and dance troupes.

Our Team

Chinmay is a well-known Harmonium player and a composer. He was a disciple of the world famous Harmonium maestro Dr. Arvind Thatte.

Rohan currently works as a Sound Engineer at Magic Note Studio. After completing his formal education, Rohan decided to pursue his passion for music.

Kalpana handles administration and marketing at Magic Note Studio. She has a masters’ degree in English literature and loves all kinds of art forms, especially music and dance. 

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